Buffalo Strive Vending, Inc. was founded by Jon Corto, NFL Pro, & his wife, Jen, in an effort to further

the NFL Play 60 Initiative, which encourages kids to be active & stay healthy. Our services, since then, have become

all encompassing to our clients' needs including:

Pantry Service                        Micro Markets

              Vending                       Water filtration &Coffee




At Buffalo Strive, it is our mission to promote wellness & offer innovation through high-tech markets and vending

machines that offer a unique mix of product options.

We understand the importance of offering employees the choice which is why we have expanded our product list to offer hundreds of products! Innovative solutions allow us to service a variety of locations, schools, professional buildings, athletic clubs, & medical facilities,

all focusing on options our customer love!

We are proud to

operate our business

out of our hometown,

Orchard Park, NY

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Buffalo Strive Vending, Inc. Healthy snacking


Pantry Service, also known as FREE VEND, is one of the most popular ways to promote wellness and offer employees beverages and snacks through the workday. Rather than employees paying for drinks, snacks or anything else Buffalo Strive can provide on your behalf, your company can either cover the cost or offer a subsidy to offset cost as an added benefit or perk in the office. Employees view Free Vend Pantry Service as a generous benefit from their company, and the expenditure is less than many other formal employee benefits.

We carry hundreds of items including drinks, office snacks, grab and go food, including fresh fruit, breakfast and lunch

options, entrees and so much more. All is available in individual servings or bulk sizes depending on your employee preferences, population and budget.




Micro markets are so convenient because you have an unmanned retail space within your place of business. Micro Markets work best for companies with 100+ employees and in facilities in which the open public does not have access to the market.


Markets are composed of glass front refrigerators, freezers, open shelving, and a self-checkout kiosk. This new concept allows for greater flexibility in product selection and an increase in consumption of healthy fresh foods and overall promote wellness in the workplace. We carry hundreds of items including drinks, office snacks, grab and go food, including wraps, fresh fruit, yogurt, hummus, soups, breakfast and lunch options, entrees ... and with subsidy anything is possible.

Due to its unique design, Micro Markets allow a consumer to touch and feel the product before purchasing. As a result, your employees are more likely to choose a healthier snack or lunch option than from a vending machine, creating a more productive workplace. By offering your employees a market concept, you can increase employee wellnessproductivity, and boost morale.

All of this at no cost to the employer!

  • Explore hundreds of fresh and healthy options stocked and maintained on a regular basis

  • Exceed wellness goals and initiatives with healthy better for you options

  • Allow employees to read labels and make informed decisions before purchasing

  • Energy efficient equipment

  • No more broken down machines or coin jams

  • sleek security cameras monitor the market to ensure safety and security

  • Boost your workplace morale and productivity

  • Access to food and snacks 24/7

  • Provide a cost free benefit for your employees


“Ever since we had our Strive Market installed, we’ve had nothing but compliments from our employees and visitors. The selection is fantastic and stocked on a daily basis, it’s convenient, easy to use, and the customer service is top notch. We love that it’s a locally run business, and has the Buffalo connection. Any requests or issues are handled quickly and painlessly. We couldn’t be happier that we made the choice to have our market installed. Great product, people, and service!”





Buffalo Strive has convenient healthy vending solutions for both the office, break rooms, school cafeterias, book stores, and concessions. With our insight in the food and beverage industry we can work with you to provide tasty, wholesome and nutritious foods for your students and employees.

Well-balanced snacks give you energy throughout the work day and help avoid the mid-day crash.

Proper nutrition is a vital asset for the growth and development of adolescents. Studies have proved that students, who eat better, perform better. That doesn't only apply to students, healthy snacking in the workplace can improve focus, increase productivity, and actually cut back on sick days!

  •  Planograms are customized to best suit the students and faculty at your school

  • We stay current on the frequently changing federal and state guidelines and regulations to keep your school in compliance 

  • We carry an extensive list of products to offer a wide variety for our customers

  • We buy state-of-the art, energy efficient equipment and use trusted manufacturers

  • We use remote monitoring telemetry to know exactly what has been sold from the machines so that we are informed exactly when we need to stock and what we need to bring

  • all of our machines come equipped with credit card readers which give the consumer the option to pay by cash, coin or credit 


We are proud to offer snacks that meet new USDA Smart Snack requirement, which are used to promote optimal nutrition for students


"Since incorporating Buffalo Strive machines into our building, we have had an increase in revenue, great product selection, and incredible student/customer satisfaction.

What I appreciate most about Jen and Jon is their attentiveness and response to any questions we have ever had, and their transparency when dealing with our vending machines and products." 

-- Jonathan Cervoni, Ed. D, Principal



"Every Buffalo Strive employee that enters our building is eager to meet our parameters and expectations. My staff members, who work with Buffalo Strive in determining the food products we offer and the corresponding price point, frequently speak positively of the excellent working relationship we enjoy with the company."

-- Jonathan Wolf, Principal



Buffalo Strive is proud to provide Office Coffee and Water Filtration services. Our ability to provide these services, along with our vending and market services, allows our customers to enjoy the benefits of using one vendor for all of their needs. We provide your company with brand new, state of the art equipment as well as superior service.

No more heavy lifting OR storing those large water jugs. We offer sleek hassle free innovative solutions to filtered water service. Who doesn't want cleaner water, hot or cold, offered in the workplace? We also offer Sparkling water too!

Understanding that coffee has many different taste profiles, we customize the service to find the BEST coffee for your location while always keeping your needs our top priority.

Whether you are looking for Single Cup options, Automatic brewers, or Coffee Vending Machines, Buffalo Strive has many different commercial brewing solutions for every location


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ADDRESS: 3421 N. Benzing Rd., Orchard Park, NY 14127


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Buffalo Strive Vending, Inc. Healthy snacking

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